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Autism spectrum is a complex developmental disability, typically appearing during childhood and affecting a person's ability to communicate and interact with others.

But it doesn't mean life ends here. There are ways to overcome Autism and one can live a healthy and joyful life. First thing which you need to do is to STOP reading overhyped stories about autism over internet. Take a deep breath and try to connect with parents who experianced this situation before you. These days there are so many groups available over facebook and whatsapp where you can meet with parents and therapists to get right information.

Lets Help India basically provides a paltform to all parents to get authentic information as well right treatment providers.

Autism Treatment Centre

Pooja Bhatt

Sector-52, Noida

Occupational Therapy, Sensory Therapy, Motor Skills and Writing Skill Training.


Sector-51, Noida

Special Education, Occupational Therapy, ABA, Speech and Language Therapy.

Ujjawal Kr Dubey

Sector 12, Noida

Occupational Therapy, Sensory integration Therapy, Speech Therapy, Special Education.

Grace Foundation

Sector-33, Noida

Early Intervention, Behavior Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy

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Inclusive Schools For Special Children

Presidium School,

Sector-31, Noida

BBP School,

Sector-21, Noida

Billabong Sanchetna ,

Sector-34, Noida

Step By Step School,

Sector-132, Noida