Support A Special Need Child

Every child is unique. They all have their own strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, hopes and dreams. But not all children’s are blessed with same capability, there are few children’s who have a disability or a combination of disabilities that makes their learning or other activities difficult.

  • Raised: INR 42500
  • 14 Donors
  • Goal: INR 222000
Why are we fundraising

LetsHelpIndia does not only aim to build a skill in these children to stand firm economically but also physically and mentally. We hit with a light at the cases of those misfortune kids are suffering from mental disorder, autism and similar syndromes. More than anyone’s financial aid all they need is love & care.

Generally poverty stricken parents have taken it for granted as the real picture of their fate. LetsHelpIndia helps them to understand such diseases and opens the door of their mentality to know how to deal with the complication. It’s actuality that all treatments & therapies of such syndromes are costly and have need of heavy money. But we provide them guidance and free consultancy and exercises to normalize their children’s health.

How we work
LetsHelpIndia works with its own approach to find out the sensibility regarding the case and help these children to come out from the influence of such syndromes. We offer them some verified solution. Thus we build a strong alliance with children and their parents. LetsHelpIndia is associated with AIIMS and pediatricians, who provide us details of those parents who are not capable to deliver treatment cost. Here, our work starts. Along with essential guidance we provide them financial help.

Usage of funds

Per child therapy cost (Monthly):
Occupational Therapy fees (10 session x INR 600): INR 6,000/-
Speech and Language Therapy fees (10 session x INR 650): INR 6,500/-
Special Educatoion fees (10 session x INR 500): INR. 6,000/-

Total: INR 18,500/- per month for a child. Yes it's too much :( but it is.
Total: INR 12 x 18,500 = INR 2,22,000/- per year for a child.