Support Old Age People

In old-age one lose his physical strength, mental and financial stability. This age is very crucial for everyone whether they are living with or without family. Older people in join-family even facing abuse of one kind or another. There are laws to protect their rights but still situation is grim for elderly people in India.

  • Raised: INR 3000
  • 15 Donors
  • Goal: INR 100000
Why are we asking for donation?

According to a survey 60% senior citizens are forced to sell their house due to disputes between family members. After that no one there to take care of them, their own children began to see them as burden. Then they are forced to live in old-age home or in rented accommodation in slum or rural areas.

It’s not always because of children senior citizens live alone, in some cases they don’t have children or due to some miss happening they lose their everything and live a miserable life.

Poor people who spent their whole life to feed themselves, hardly able to have their own house. In old age when they don’t have physical strength to earn their livelihood, they are forced to beg. Most of them die due to hunger and illness.

What LetsHelpIndia do?

We are associated with NGOs, charitable trust and government agencies to help elder people who are in need. We have strong network of people who want to serve their society and always willing to participate in any noble cause.

Our volunteers meet with those senior citizens, spent time with them, organize events and donation drive to provide them grocery, clothes, bedding/bedsheets, medicines, household items etc.

Donation which we receive directly used to provide them necessary support.

What you can donate

You can donate followings

  •  Groceries, Dry fruits and packaged food items
  •  Generic Medicines, Supplements etc.
  •  Clothes, bedding, bedsheets, towels etc.
  •  Household items, bed, chair, table, electronic and non-electronic gadgets etc.

Where Can I Donate?

We are located in West Delhi and Noida. You can call us at +91 - 9911538884 and accordingly we will co-ordinate with you.