Donate Books

Books play very important role in the life of a student. It acts as a gateway for him to know and be par at the ever changing world. Many times students from the poor section of our society doesn't have access to books and stationary.

Why are we asking for books and stationeries donation?

India suffers from very low literacy compared to other developing countries. Government trying to cover-up the gap but it’s not possible without every citizen’s cooperation.

These days good basic education is very costly, there are parents who couldn’t afford it. That’s why every year millions of children are forced to leave school and help their parents in earning livelihood. When a child leave his school it’s not only his lose, there is a direct first-order loss to the country.

There are people who migrate to metro cities from various parts of the country for livelihood. They live in slum, footpath or near railway track, their children do not get opportunity. Even if they manage to send them schools it’s very difficult for them to manage the cost of books and stationeries.

What kinds of books and stationeries you can donate

You can donate new or old books and stationeries related to children’s specifically

  •  Pre-schools to intermediate (10+2)
  •  Story Books
  •  Stationary –Pen, Pencil, notebook, geometry box, colours, colour book etc.
  •  Puzzle Books

How we utilize donation

We are associated with NGOs, orphanage and social workers who work for the under-privileged children. These items would be distributed to the children who are in extreme need.

LetsHelpIndia team directly work for street children and families who can’t afford their child education cost.

We can assure you your donation will reach to right person. We will share with you photos/videos where you can see utilization of your donation, which will certainly give you a satisfaction and joy of giving :)

Where Can I Donate Books and stationeries?

We are located in West Delhi and Noida. You can call us at +91 - 9911538884 and accordingly we will co-ordinate with you.