Sponsor a child education

It’s difficult to size up the exact data of the poor children are homeless, uneducated and are into regular begging course to arrange meal to survive. We can say they are not living but they are surviving. Since independence Government failed to provide basic education to the children are in extreme need.

Why are we fundraising

Incapability is another name of poverty and those are affected by it become the weaken part of the society. The problem starts from this rooted poverty when a poor man can’t afford education expenses for his child. His uneducated mind and financial adversity stops him at a point. That’s a dead line they can’t cross even if they want. LetsHelpIndia endeavors to cut out that line and provide a broad scope to the future of these children.

How we work

Our team starts their works from the level of identification of children are in need and we strongly believe in fulfilling their basic rights and requirements to move them in progressive direction. We provide them education as necessity and we also keep track of child progress and share the details with donors and authorities to know their contribution is utilized properly in right direction. We share pictures, report cards, documents etc as a proof to build a trust.

Usage of funds

Per Student Cost (Annual):
Tuition fees : INR 6,000/-
Books, stationery & bag: INR 1750/-
Uniform (Both Summer & Winter 2 sets each), shoes & sandal (for monsoon): INR 3350/-
Total: INR 11,100/- (approx) per year for each student.