About Us

LetsHelpIndia was founded in 2015, with a vision to make difference in the lives of under-privileged section of society with innovative solutions to have them a future of hope and wholeness.

LetsHelpIndia is a team of individuals who have passion to serve country and bring changes in the life of people.

In rural areas we work with farmers & labors to develop sustainable livelihoods for them. We believe that this section of society does deserve economic opportunities and our various social initiatives help them to achieve it.

We work in villages and small towns, identify the social and economic issues and accordingly build IT based solutions and implement them with the help of local people and government agencies.

We serve in following areas

  •  Farmers Empowerment
  •  Child Education
  •  Support Special Need Children
  •  Social and Economical Campaigns

We are extremely thankful for our supporters and volunteers, because we would not exist without their help and generosity. There is no doubt that all of us together can chart out a stronger and brighter tomorrow..

How you can help us

Just call at +91-9911538884 to connect with us.